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* Born October 28, 1956 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Moved to Europe in 1981.
• Autodidact (first lessons on drums at the age of six)
• Between 1970 and 1980 concerts in Rio de Janeiro with various ensembles, from 1975 on
as a percussionist only
• Since 1981 concerts with various groups and musicians in Europe, such as the guitarist Ahmed El-Salamouny (7 CDs together), Zabelê (France, Brazilian Jazz), Duo Fenix (Montreaux Jazz Festival), Cal Viva (contemporary jazz, CD with Maria João), Raiz de Pedra (Brazilian Jazz) and others
• 1986–2003 regular participation in the International Dance Weeks in Vienna. Cooperation with dancers such as Ismael Ivo (Brazil), Leonard Meek and Michael Joy (Alvin Ailey Company–USA), Milton Myers (USA), Jennifer Muller (USA), Karine Saporta and Regine Chopinot (France), Nina Corti (Switzerland), Joe Alegado (USA) and many others
• Since 2003 participation in the "Internationale Sommertanzwochen Bozen"
• 2006 participation in the "Internationale Sommerkurswochen Mannenbach", Switzerland, and in the "Tanzsommer Innsbruck"
• Regular concert tours with the guitarist Ahmed El-Salamouny (Brazilian Guitar Project)
• Co-founder of the group "ILÚ" (1998-2003), Afro-Cuban-Brazilian percussion
• Since 2001 intensive cooperation with the Brazilian dancer Ivan Vasconcellos, for example lecturing tours on Brazilian culture with live music and dance performances
• 2004-2010 World Music Project  "Tamburo Mundi" with Murat Coskun und Andrea Piccioni
• Since 2005 regular participation as musicien and composer (body percussion) in the choir Cantares (Munich)
• Since 2006 Tamburi Mundi Frame Drum Festival
• 2007 solo performance and workshop at the PAS German Day of Percussion (Frankfurt)
• Leader of the percussion group "Vira-Lata" (2006-2009)
• 2008 solo performance and workshop at the PASIC (Percussive Arts Society International Congress) in Austin (Texas-USA)
• 2009 participation as musicien and composer at the dance performances "Silence Now" and "The sorcere's apprentice" (Choreography Philipp Egli) in the City Theatre St. Gallen (Switzerland)
• 2011 Tamburi Mundi Ensemble with Ramesh Shottam (India), Mohsen Taherzadeh/Maryam Hatef (Iran), Murat Coskun (Turkey), Andrea Piccioni (Italy), Michael Metzler (Germany), Samul Nori Ensemble Noreum Machi (South Korea) und Sattor Fozilov (Tadzhikistan)
• 2016 participation as musicien and composer at the dance performance "Leise Brüllen" (Choreography Brigitta Merki) in the Königsfeld abbey (Windisch-Switzerland)
• 1986–2001 teacher at the Latin Percussion School in Munich
• 1996–2004 rhythm and percussion teacher at the Iwanson School for Contemporary Dance in Munich
• 2001–2005 "Latin Percussion School – Gilson de Assis", Munich
• 2005-2010 Co-director of "Blue Planet Musikkurse", Munich

• Since 2004 percussion with kids in kindergardens and schools, cooperation with the K.I.D.S.-Project Munich (Munich Department of Education and Sport)

• 2005-2007 percussion teacher at the European School Munich, 2006-2008 at the Nymphenburger Gymnasium München

• Since 2007 advanced training for teachers (Munich Department of Education and Sport: Pedagogic Institute Section, Basic and Secondary Schools and others)
• Workshops for samba groups in Germany (amongst others Vincivi–Schwarzenbrueck; Chucrute com banana–Tuebingen; Absurdo–Kassel; Sambalegria–Schleswig; Sambuco–Nuremberg; Ruhestoerung–Munich; Tucuruí–Coburg), Austria (e.g. Vento Sul–Graz), Switzerland, Denmark, France and Brazil
• Direction of several national samba group meetings
• 2006-2009 yearly advanced training "Brazilian Percussion for Music Teachers" in Kreismusikschule Schleswig-Flensburg, Germany
• 2007-2010 teacher of the MUS-E at the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation (European Culture Project for Schools)
• 2010-2011 teacher at the institute "Gesellschaft macht Schule"
• 2009 workshops for the Verband deutscher Musikschulen, Landesverband Hessen
• 2011 teacher at the Munich Citizen Foundation (KUKS)
• 2011-2012 participation at the project "Experience Camp" from the Munich Department of Education and Sport
• 2000 CD "Tia Ciata"
• 2001 teaching method "Brazilian Percussion" - Advance Music 
(for details see teaching methods)
• 2006 CD "Percussion for dance"
• 2006 teaching method "Atabaque, the brazilian conga" - Advance Music
(for details see teaching methods)
• 2009 teaching method "Brazilian pandeiro" - Advance Music
(for details see teaching methods)
•2017 teaching method "The berimbau" - Gruber Verlag
(for details see teaching methods)
• 2021 CD-Production "Percussion for Dance II"
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