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"The absolute highlight was the rhythmic, magic playing which Gilson de Assis played on a moringa (Udu drum). Using various kinds of beats, the percussionist produced breath-taking sound patterns on an earthen pitcher."
Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Freising
"Enthusiastic applause following a pandeiro solo by Gilson de Assis."
O Público, Lisbon
"How much music such an expert can extract even from a tambourine cannot be described as well as the colours, nuances and expressive possibilities of his playing cannot be put into words."
Die Rheinpfalz, Kaiserslautern
"With his various percussion instruments, including the berimbau, Gilson de Assis presented genuine rhythm artistry."
Rheinische Post, Neukirchen-Vluyn
"The Brazilian not only extracted a wide range of amazing sounds from the many instruments, such as the pandeiro, drums, pipes and other vessels; the sensitive and attentive full-blooded musician even included his own body into the percussion supply in several solo performances."
Saarbruecker Zeitung, Saarbruecken
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