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NEW: "the Berimbau"
with DVD+CD/German, English, Portuguese

the Berimbau - Gilson de Assis ...Looking back on the vast practical experience I have been able to gather finally motivated me to write a book on this topic, addressing capoeira dancers, beginners, enthusiasts and percussion- ists alike.

This book wants to make the reader aware of how this instrument can be used at various occasions: for making music at home, for accompanying dance classes, for playing in rodas de capoeira or as a solo instrument on stage.

Mastering the berimbau is not an easy task to accomplish. Nevertheless, a strong will and stamina will make you reach this goal. And now: Have fun and enjoy the berimbau!

Contents: Posture, technique, exercises, accompaniment / Traditional Toques und variations / Toques and songs / Brazilian and pop rhytms for berimbau / Traditional toques in odd meters / Toques for 3 berimbaus / Compositions for berimbau and additional instruments.


Score examples
Hörprobe 1
Bênção - 2 Berimbaus / Pandeiro
Hörprobe 2
Playalong Standard
"The Brazilian Pandeiro" with DVD
German, English
© 2009 advance music
Contents: Chôro accompaniment (Standard pattern, Maxixe, Polca, Valsa) / Samba types (Samba Canção, Samba, Samba Partido-Alto, Samba de Roda, Calango) / Rhythms from northeast of Brazil (Côco, Frevo, Xote, Capoeira accompaniment) / Rhythms adaptated for pandeiro (Baião, Forró, Barravento, Reggae, Samba da Bahia, Maracatu, Ijexá, Congo) / Modern rhythms (Samba-Funk, Funk, Drum’n’bass, Trip-Hop) / Odd rhythms (Chôro accompaniment, Samba, Côco, Frevo, Samba da Bahia, Maracatu, Funk, Barravento) / Pandeiro and voice (bell with voice, folk songs) / Duos, trios and quartets for pandeiro and small percussion instruments (agogo, tamborim, triangel)

Excerpt from preface:
Considering the fact that the drumset is a percussion instrument by means of which you can create a great variety of sounds, the pandeiro is the instrument which comes closest to it: Its jingles are comparable to the hi-hat, the low-sounding thumb stroke on the pandeiro can be compared to the bass drum and the slap to the sound of snare drum. All tones and frequencies produced by the pandeiro put together make up a colorful bouquet of sounds.

The concept underlying this new method book - my third one after "Brazilin Percussion" and "Brazilian Conga", both also published by Advance Music - aims at all levels of students, from beginners to pros. Similar to my book on the Brazilian Conga, "Brazilian Pandeiro" presents traditional rhythms for the pandeiro, rhythms that were originally not played on the pandeiro but have especially been adapted to this instrument, modern rhythms, odd rhythms as well as short compositions for pandeiro, triangle, agogo and tamborim.

Due to the fact that the human voice and the pandeiro are closely coupled with each other in Brazilian music, I have dedicated an entire chapter of this book to the combined use of pandeiro and vocals. I personally think that this part of the book will prove very helpful and important for the development of each percussionist's coordination and independence.

Score examples
Côco de Embolada

Atabaque, The Brazilian Conga
Cover Method Atabaque, The Brazilian Conga
German, English, Spanish, Japanese
© 2006 advance music
Contents: Samba de Caboclo /Congo /Ijexá / Barravento /Tambor de Crioula, Jongo, Batuque Paulista, Carimbó, Samba de Roda, Bandas de Congo, Toques of Maculelê and Capoeira /Rhythms and stiles adapted to the Conga – Samba Partido-Alto, Opanijé, Calango, Baião, Xote, Frevo, Maracatu de Baque Virado and Samba Reggae /Timbau in the Blocos Afro – Intros and Grooves /"Modern" rhythms – Samba-Funk, Drum'n'bass, Funk (US & Rio de Janeiro), Trip-Hop /Odd rhythms /Coordination exercises for 2 and 3 Congas / Duets and Quartets for Congas with Agogô and Surdo accompaniment
Excerpt from preface:
This instructional book, which is designed for beginners as well as for professionals, does not only present traditional rhythms to be played on the Brazilian atabaque and its related instruments (Candongueiro, Tambú, Crivador, Timbau etc.) but also "modern" rhythms such as funk, trip-hop and other popular music rhythms which are presently en vogue in Brazilian music.
Furthermore, you will find versions for one, two or three congas (played by one single musician), various duets (sometimes with other instruments such as the Surdo and Agogô as accompanying instruments) and chapters on independent exercises and odd rhythms.

To simplify the understanding of the rhythms and the exercises, a CD is included

Score examples
Samba de Caboclo
Ensemble: Lê, Rumpi, Rum & Agogô
Sample 1
Samba de Caboclo: Standard patterns
Sample 2
Melancia: Conga-Duo


Brazilian Percussion
Cover Method Brazilian Percussion
German, English, Japanese
© 2002 advance music
Contents: Samba Schools in Rio de Janeiro/ Samba-Reggae in Bahia/ Maracatu de Baque Virado in Pernambuco/ Rhythms for Atabaque/ Berimbau rhythms (toques)/ Rhythms from the Northeast/ Bumba-meu-boi in Maranhão/ Exercises for Coordination and Independence, etc.
Excerpt from preface:
This book on Brazilian percussion presents a selection of my current research – based on experience in the field as well as study of the literature. It gives insight into the rich musical and cultural history of the Brazilian people and also reflects my personal and professional experience over many years as a percussionist . . .
Most of the rhythms introduced here are so-called Afro-Brazilian rhythms (Chapters 1–5). They developed exclusively in Brazil, while maintaining their strong African roots. The other rhythms (Chapters 6 and 7) have clear European origins, yet are strongly imbued with unmistakable African elements . . .
The teaching method has 141 pages and many photographs.
Score examples
Samba Ilê-Aiyê
Sample 1
Repique Ilê-Aiyê
Sample 2
Ensemble Ilê-Aiyê
Press review to "BRAZILIAN CONGA"
"An extraordinary book dedicated to the rich fund of a traditional drum, linking the ethnological context to the world of modern music ... High standard, competent, challenging."
"This teaching method was written with love for detail and accuracy . . . To be strongly recommended, not only for the directors but also for the players in samba groups."
Percussion Newsletter

"This book gives broad information on the subject, without being too specific . . . Those, who are interested in authentic Brazilian percussion, will learn a lot of interesting things."
Drums and Percussion

"'Brazilian Percussion' is a serious textbook filled with concentrated contents which in a very practical way stimulate the appetite for the diversity of the essential styles of the Afro-Brazilian groove culture. Very recommendable."

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