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Percussion for Kids  Percussion for Kids Percussion for children in kindergarden (from 4 years on),
elementary and secondary schools!
Percussion for Kids  Percussion for Kids
In an easy and creative way children and teenagers gain access to their natural feeling for rhythm. With instruments like drums, triangles, Agogôs and many others, but also with objects of everyday use (cups, chairs ...) they get a sense of what rhythm and percussion is. They learn to listen to each other and to make music together.
Percussion is a wonderful chance for children and teenagers to get a glimpse of a somewhat different kind of music and to get involved with it – time and time again it is amazing to observe how quickly they learn to play rhythmical pieces and songs!
Percussion for Kids  Percussion for Kids   And above all: percussion is fun!   Percussion for Kids  Percussion for Kids

The courses
Experience has shown that a course of eight hours with two weekly sessions is very well received – but the courses may also be booked according to individual needs. I gladly will give sample lessons so that the children and their teachers can get a first impression of what percussion is.

Dates and information on request.
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• Europäische Schule München, Neuperlach
• Nymphenburger Gymnasium, Neuhausen
• BS Antonienstr., Schwabing
• BS Riesstr., Moosach
• VS Vaterstetten, Vaterstetten
• Maria-Theresia Gymnasium, Au-Haidhausen

• GS Ilse von Twardowskipl., Riem
• GS Regina Ullmannstr., Unterföhring
• GS GS Sankt-Annastr., Lehel
• GS Seerosen, Poing
• GS Schererplatz, Pasing
• GS Gebelestr., Bogenhausen
• GS Keilberthstr., Freimann
• GS Strehleranger, Ramersdorf
• GS Tumblingerstr., Ludwigvorstadt
• GS Dachauerstr., Maxvorstadt
• GS Dieselstr., Moosach
• GS Herterichstr., Solln
• GS Pelsmüllerstr., Pasing
• GS Fromundstr., Untergiesing
• GS Pfanzeltplatz, Perlach
• GS Blumenauerstr., Pasing
• GS Burmesterstr., Freimann
• GS Klenzestr., Haidhausen
• GS Balanstr., Ramersdorf
• GS Wiesenfeltserstr., Aubing
• GS Hanselmannstr., Milbertshofen
• GS Anphionpark, Moosach
• GS Bernaystr., Am Hart
• GS Ichostr., Giesing
• GS Paulckestr., Hasenbergl
• GS Senftenauerstr., Laim
• GS Winthirplatz, Neuhausen
• GS Südliche Auffahrtsallee, Neuhausen
• GS Rothwiesenstr., Karlsfeld
• GS Königswieserstr., Fürstenried
• GS Feldkirchen
• GS Hochstr., Haidhausen
• GS Thelottstr., Hasenbergl
• GS Führichstr., Berg am Laim
• GS Schubinweg, Lochhausen
• GS Türkenstr., Schwabing
• GS Jenaerstr., Moosach

• Hort Paganinistr., Obermenzing
• Hort Robinienstr., Milbertshofen
• Hort Ilse von Twardowskipl., Riem
• Kindertagesstätte Waldmeisterstr., Milbertshofen
• Kindertagesstätte Sandstr., Maxvorstadt
• Hort Waldmeisterstr., Milbertshofen
• Kindertagesstätte Haus für Kinder,
• KG Girotondo, Ramersdorf
• Kindertagesstätte Blumenstr., Altstadt
• KG Wurzelzwerge, Aubing
• Hort St. Anton, Isarvorstadt
• Hort Feldkirchen
• KG Estrelinha, Haidhausen
• KG Stephanus Kirche, Neuhausen
• KG St.Lukas, Lehel
• KG Leiden Christi, Obermenzing
• KG Maria Schutz, Pasing
• KG Isarvorstadt, Isarvorstadt
• KG Isarspatzen, Pullach
• KG Tagesgruppe, Ramersdorf
• KG Kleine Ritter, Gräfelfing
• Kindertagesstätte Stella Luna, Freimann
• KG am Waldpark, Riemerling
• Hort Ali Baba, Berg am Laim
• KG Kinderwelt, Harlaching
• Kindertagesstätte Herrnstr., Altstadt

• MS Fürstenriederstr., Laim
• MS Blumenauerstr., Pasing
• MS Fromundstr., Untergiesing
• MS Elisabeth-Kohnstr., Schwabing
• MS Walliserstr., Fürstenried
• MS Fernpaßstr., Sendling-Westpark
• MS Zielstattstr., Obersendling
• MS Leipzigerstr., Moosach
• MS Bernaystr., Am Hart
• MS Schleißheimerstr., Schwabing West
• MS Ridlerstr., Schwanthalerhöhe
• MS Albert-Schweitzerstr., Neuperlach
• MS Reichenaustr., Aubing
• MS Implerstr., Sendling
• MS Lehrer-Wirthstr., Riem
• MS Führichstr., Berg am Laim

• SFZ Seerosenschule, Poing
• SFZ Gertrud-Grunowstr., Milbertshofen
• SFZ Fröttmaningerstr., Schwabing
• SFZ Thedor-Heussplatz, Neuperlach
• SFZ Herrnstr., Altstadt
• SFZ Schererpl., Pasing
• SFZ Kirchenstr., Lehel

Percussion for Kids   Percussion for Kids
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