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Are you playing in a percussion group?
Are you interested in original and exclusive arrangements and choreography?
Would you like to improve and extend your technical and rhythmical skills?
Or do you just want fresh stimulation and motivation for your work?

Rhythmical and choreographical originality –
that is what makes percussion groups so fascinating and attractive!

In rehearsals, therefore, it gets more and more important
to find new rhythmical and choreographical concepts
in order to improve the performance of a percussion group.

Here you will find a big selection of themes,
which you can put together individually.
During the workshop the arrangements and choreographies
will be designed exclusively for your group.

This workshop offers an innovative concept for percussion groups:
It enables participants to develop new creative ideas for the
technical-rhythmical range as well as for the organisation and choreography
of percussion groups for performances on stage or other events.

Brazilian Rhythms
  Info! Rhythms of the samba schools of Rio de Janeiro (Mangueira, Mocidade, Salgueiro ...)
Info! Samba-Reggae (Afro blocks in Salvador: Ilê-Aiyê, Olodum, Timbalada ...)
Info! Afro-Brazilian rhythms (Barravento, Congo, Opanijé ...)
Info! Maracatu de baque virado (Groups from Pernambuco: Leão Coroado, Nação Erê, Estrela Brilhante ...)
Info! Rhythms from the North-East (Forró, Baião, Xote ...)
Info! Bumba meu boi do Maranhão (Sotaque de zabumba, Sotaque de matraca)
Info! Candomblé Kêtu (Aguerê de Oxóssi, Toque de Ogum, Ibi de Oxalá ...)
Caribbean Rhythms
  Info! Rumba (Guaguancó and Columbia), Conga, Mozambique, Abakuá, Makuta, Songo, Bomba, Plena, Calypso and Merengue
Modern Rhythms
  Info! Funk, Drum 'n' Bass, Trip Hop, Jungle and Hip House
On request you may also book workshops for:
  Info! Pagode
Info! Berimbau
Info! Pandeiro
More details on the workshops:
  My own arrangements and traditional rhythms will be presented.
    Workshop levels: beginners, middle grade, advanced and master class
    Arrangements and choreographies are exclusively tailor-made for the group.
    In all workshops background information with videos, CDs and texts is given.
    Workshop duration: 10 – 12 hours per weekend
    Workshops may be booked individually or in progressive sequence.
    Further offers: solo concert at the end of the workshop, compilation of a CD containing the arrangements developed in the workshop (per drum computer).
Dates and fees on request.
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