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Music and Stories from Brazil with Gilson de Assis and Dirk Walbrecker

Ju Cassou TrioIndian myths, African fairy tales and stories of the European immigrants – the German author Dirk Walbrecker lets the audience dive into Brazil's fascinating diversity!

This would be unimaginable without the magic of  the Brazilian music that is performed by percussionist Gilson de Assis in a range of different percussion instruments.

Dirk Walbrecker und Gilson de AssisHere you will find a connection with the most beautiful aspects of the Brazilian popular culture, a pleasure for young and old.

- Gilson de Assis,
- Dirk Walbrecker,

Bodypercussion/Voice Workshop with Lilian Zamorano 

Ju Cassou TrioThe most complex instrument is the human body. From singing to clapping or stomping from snapping the fingers to beating on the chest, legs and arms, we can create an incredible diversity of sounds, melodies and rhythms.

The percussionist Gilson de Assis and the singer Lilian Zamorano show how to do this in the workshop.

Apart of a big repertoire in brazilian popular and modern music, the musicians work with rhythms and melodies from the pop and jazz music. The goal is, no matter if beginner or professional, to discover the fascinating world of the voice combined with the rhythms and sounds of our body.

more Infos: Gilson de Assis - or Lilian Zamorano - Tel: 089/17953199 -

Lygia Campos (Voc/Keyb)
Gilson de Assis (Perc)
Andrea Piccioni (Perc)

TimbauKanoê presents new sources of inspiration, interesting styles and unconventional crossover music. With keyboard, voice and percussion the trio introduces compositions from modern and traditional melodies to instrumental songs and rhythms from Italy, Brazil, Balkan and Orient.

The brazilian singer and pianist Lygia Campos with her unique voice creates a very special atmosphere on stage. The percussionists Gilson de Assis (Brazil) and Andrea Piccioni (Italy) form a rhythm section of great diversity - from oriental, african and brazilian grooves to bodypercussion and pop grooves.

KanoeKanoê - sophisticated and stirring music that touches the soul.

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BRAZILIAN GUITAR PROJECT (Brazilian Instrumental)
Ahmed El-Salamouny (guit)
Pedro Tagliani (guit)
Gilson de Assis (perc)
The Brazilian Guitar Project trio belongs to the most known world music groups and has already played at numerous festivals and concert sequences all over the world.
The three musicians present the traditional Choro music as well as exciting own compositions in a mixture of classical music, jazz and Brazilian rhythms. Works of Tom Jobim, Paulinha da Viola, Guinga, etc.
Brazilian Guitar Project
Brazilian Guitar Project : Diskografie See Discography Tagliani, de Assis, El-Salamouny
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